Mavis Pearl Stuffed Floppy Dog


Image of Mavis Pearl Stuffed Floppy Dog

Now you can have your very own stuffed Mavis Pearl dog! She comes with her lifelike wrinkle details and is very soft and huggable. Each dog has her signature "Mavis Pearl" bandana, tutu, bow, and beaded collar with her picture. These collars can be taken off and worn as bracelets! She's 12 inches long. Every stuffed dog is different as we hand make every outfit on every dog. They are all sent out with a prayer and a blessing!

For every dog purchased, another dog is donated to a patient with life altering illness that we deliver to weekly.

Assorted bandana and tutu colors.


  • Pink tutu
  • Red tutu
  • Yellow tutu
  • Teal tutu
  • Green tutu
  • Royal Blue tutu
  • Orange tutu
  • Camo tutu
  • OSU bandana/orange tutu Sold Out
  • OU bandana/red-white tutu
  • Thunder bandana/blue-orange tutu
  • TU bandana/blue-white tutu
  • ORU bandana/blue white tutu


Image of Mavis Pearl Stuffed Floppy Dog